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Excellent work! labels and boxes are really good, we are very very happy with the design, i looks very proffesional

—— Prestige Pharma

WOW WOW WOW!i am very very impressed with the quality and the prouduct you have made,you have gained a long term customer in me!

—— Magnus Pharmaceuticals

I must say I'm really impressed. All label and box look amazing. A big thanks to you for your help. we will certainly do more busienss with A-source!

—— Nobel Pharma

Everything is ok. I am starting to filter oils and packing the Products next week. So hopefully there will be another order as soos as possible

—— Trinity Pharmaceutical

We receive all packages ,very high quality of bottles, and prompt delivery , fantastic! Thanks so much.

—— Muscle Pharma

As in the photos, very satisfy with quality,design service and received very quickly! I recommend

—— BioScience Nutrition

Thank you so much they were perfect, labels looks very professional,I recommend

—— Androgenics Pharma

The gold foil effect is Beautiful Thank you I recommend too pretty and very fast received in 9 May! At the top!

—— MK Pharmaceuticals

Labels, boxes, vials, caps are Very nice. Just like picture. They send also a gift

—— SPL Pharmaceuticals

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Printing technicians
Latest company news about Printing technicians

Common printing processes 

1 Hot stamping: The scientific name is called hot stamping transfer printing, referred to as hot pad printing, commonly known as hot stamping and hot silver. On the other hand, there is a cold printing.


2 UV: is ultraviolet light, UV is the abbreviation, "UV transparent oil" is the full name, and it is only by ultraviolet radiation that the ink can be dried and cured. UV is usually a screen printing process, and now there is also offset UV.


3. Embossing and embossing: the scientific name is embossing, and the process of forming patterns by making local changes in the printed object by pressure is a process of pressing the metal plate to become the plate and the bottom plate after the metal plate is corroded. Divided into cheap ordinary corrosion version and expensive laser engraving version.


4 Beer: The Guangdong pronunciation is "turtle", which means die-cut.


5 Jin Cong: Just put a layer of glue on the paper, and then sprinkle gold powder on the glue.


6 YO: It is a spring-like object, mostly plastic. It is generally used on the spines of calendars and notebooks to connect pages.


7. Glue: Laminate a layer of transparent plastic film on the printed paper, including crystal film, light film and matte film, which are called differently in many places and are not environmentally friendly.


8 Pinhole: Also known as needle and thread, dental floss, is to press a semi-connected line to the paper, usually at the opening of the package.


9 Hole punching: It is to make a hole for a piece of paper or N pieces of paper according to the required size. There is a special punching machine.


10 Flocking: It is to brush a layer of glue on the paper, and then paste a layer of material similar to fluff, so that the paper looks and feels a little flannel.


Special printing processes 

1. Inkjet printing

Inkjet printing is an efficient special printing method, which can be applied to the packaging industry production line to quickly print the production date, batch number and barcode. Since inkjet printing belongs to pressureless printing and uses a variety of inks, it has a very wide range of substrates, which can be various packaging products. This undoubtedly provides a great deal of freedom for the packaging line. At present, there are still many application fields of inkjet printing that are not known to the public. How to make good use of inkjet printing technology is undoubtedly a hot technical issue. As long as we use it well, I believe it can bring us unexpected results.


With the continuous advancement of digital technology, inkjet printing has also developed rapidly, and some technical problems have been solved perfectly, which has made a qualitative leap in the quality of inkjet printing products. At present, some high-end inkjet printing products are close to the level of traditional printing in terms of tone level, definition and color saturation. Some of its inherent advantages have also been further developed, its printing speed is accelerated, and the printing accuracy is improved. After combining with the database, inkjet printing is fully capable of variable data printing, which brings good news for the differentiated and personalized production of packaging printed products. If the latest JDF production standard is adopted, inkjet printing equipment can also be easily integrated into the digital production process of the entire printing plant, resulting in better equipment control and higher production efficiency. The two main features of inkjet printing are "print on demand" and "personalization". These two features can meet the emerging new needs of the packaging market. Today, narrow-web label packaging printing lines with digital printing units are commonplace, and digital presses can be produced in-line with die-cutting equipment and finishing lines for higher quality and faster turnaround.


2. Anti-counterfeiting printing

It can be said that in the field of packaging and printing, anti-counterfeiting printing plays a vital role. If ordinary products need a prominent product identification, then many high-end products have to need a complete anti-counterfeiting system. This is the needs of manufacturers and consumers, so anti-counterfeiting printing is widely used in the printing of packaging and decoration products, and with the continuous improvement of people's brand awareness and the strengthening of intellectual property protection, it is believed that anti-counterfeiting printing will have great market prospects. The current general situation is that many ordinary printing manufacturers do not have the ability to print anti-counterfeiting, so they have to outsource the order. In many cases, this order is more profitable than a simple printing order.


Common anti-counterfeiting methods include: laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, special ink anti-counterfeiting, plate-making and printing process anti-counterfeiting, and special paper anti-counterfeiting. At present, the anti-counterfeiting methods commonly used in packaging and decoration printing are the first three. Using laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, the packaging products not only have an intuitive anti-counterfeiting effect, but also the exquisite printed patterns are shining in the sun, like a rainbow, which can attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, this technology is very suitable for packaging printing. . Using special ink anti-counterfeiting technology is a lower cost method. Because in general, it does not need to add additional equipment, and the transformation of the existing printing process is not very large. There are also many products using this anti-counterfeiting technology. This technology is a good way to increase the added value of printed products, because it has less investment and quick results. The application of anti-counterfeiting technology in plate making and printing process is a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting method, and this technology is also born in response to people's demand for high-quality packaging products. This anti-counterfeiting technology utilizes a variety of printing equipment, infiltrating various printing processes, and combining various processes, especially the introduction of some unique special printing methods. All this makes the final product have strong anti-counterfeiting function. But at the same time, it also increases the production cost and production complexity, and the larger printing houses are more handy when applying this technology. Of course, using this technology will challenge the production level of the printing factory, which requires the printing factory to have high-stability and high-precision printing equipment, a complete quality control and management system, and experienced and skilled technicians. These are strong guarantees to increase the added value of products. ‍

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