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Market trend of pharmaceutical packaging industry in 2023

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Excellent work! labels and boxes are really good, we are very very happy with the design, i looks very proffesional

—— Prestige Pharma

WOW WOW WOW!i am very very impressed with the quality and the prouduct you have made,you have gained a long term customer in me!

—— Magnus Pharmaceuticals

I must say I'm really impressed. All label and box look amazing. A big thanks to you for your help. we will certainly do more busienss with A-source!

—— Nobel Pharma

Everything is ok. I am starting to filter oils and packing the Products next week. So hopefully there will be another order as soos as possible

—— Trinity Pharmaceutical

We receive all packages ,very high quality of bottles, and prompt delivery , fantastic! Thanks so much.

—— Muscle Pharma

As in the photos, very satisfy with quality,design service and received very quickly! I recommend

—— BioScience Nutrition

Thank you so much they were perfect, labels looks very professional,I recommend

—— Androgenics Pharma

The gold foil effect is Beautiful Thank you I recommend too pretty and very fast received in 9 May! At the top!

—— MK Pharmaceuticals

Labels, boxes, vials, caps are Very nice. Just like picture. They send also a gift

—— SPL Pharmaceuticals

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Company News
Market trend of pharmaceutical packaging industry in 2023
Latest company news about Market trend of pharmaceutical packaging industry in 2023

According to the analysis of the development prospects of the printing industry,although the size of the global printing market will decline from 814.7 billion dollars in 2019 to 743.4 billion dollars in 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19, the global printing market will continue to grow steadily for a long time in the future,and is expected to reach 846 billion dollars by 2030. As a big printing country, China's industrial scale is at the forefront of the world, and its output value will also further increase.


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In the future, the printing industry will transform from traditional manufacturing to market-oriented services. Not only under the traditional product printing, but also through market demand analysis, we can allocate resources according to the needs of different regional markets and produce the printed products needed by the market,so as to reduce the waste of resources and transportation costs caused by large-scale production, and at the same time respond to the requirements of the country's high-quality development, give priority to the production of products required by the regional market,so as to improve the goal of regional production output value, Bring greater benefits to
printing enterprises.


The digital development of printing industry is gradually becoming clear. With thedevelopment of the Internet, digital technology has become increasingly  ature and can also be used simultaneously and efficiently in the fields of generic packaging,book printing and other fields. At the same time, major manufacturers are also seeking technical cooperation, such as Heidelberg, Mitsubishi and other manufacturing enterprises, to improve product quality and production efficiency through digital printing to generate income.


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Printing products are diversified, and green printing reduces resource waste and pollution.With the continuous development of people's needs, the demand for commercial printing has gradually diversified, which is not only limited to paper and related products, but also can be extended to more application fields after being combined with digital printing.

With the development of new technologies such as 3D printing, the printing of mold production style will be gradually reduced and gradually transformed into digital demand-based green printing, and the research on printing technology will be strengthened to comply with the relevant policies of green printing issued by the state, Improve the environmental protection requirements of printing technology, save and protect packaging consumables,recycle and reuse printed materials after being discarded, and can be degraded naturally, so as to realize non-pollution and low-pollution packaging printing.


A-source Group is a famous printing and manufacturing enterprise in China, with rich experience and good reputation. It mainly produces cartons box, labels, glass products and ampoules. It has good cooperative relations with many famous pharmaceutical enterprises, and its customers are mainly in North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Russia. In 2023, A-source Group will vigorously develop new products, increase production lines, import the most advanced production equipment, and make new plans to improve production efficiency and production quality.


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