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Custom Clearance of Pharmaceutical Packages In Europe

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Everything is ok. I am starting to filter oils and packing the Products next week. So hopefully there will be another order as soos as possible

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We receive all packages ,very high quality of bottles, and prompt delivery , fantastic! Thanks so much.

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As in the photos, very satisfy with quality,design service and received very quickly! I recommend

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The gold foil effect is Beautiful Thank you I recommend too pretty and very fast received in 9 May! At the top!

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Labels, boxes, vials, caps are Very nice. Just like picture. They send also a gift

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Company News
Custom Clearance of Pharmaceutical Packages In Europe
Latest company news about Custom Clearance of Pharmaceutical Packages In Europe

Recently, a raid on Belgium's LGG airport revealed a fraud case of import value-added tax of up to

300 million euros. This incident has also triggered a "major upheaval" in the cross-border logistics

industry, leading to a change in the export logistics methods of foreign traders.


Belgium experiences thunderstorms every year. What are the impacts of this event on customs

clearance in Belgium?


1. The overall inspection rate of Belgian customs clearance will increase, and customs spot checks will increase.


2. The inspection of low declaration may be more strict, and once the customs determines that the low declaration will result in additional taxes and fines.


3. Belgium's tax inclusive customs clearance faces higher risks, which may result in increased costs and freight rates.

The two situations that are most likely to cause goods to be inspected by customs

1. The declared value of the goods is too low
The goods are cleared at the Belgian customs, and the customs system compares the declared value of the products with the value of similar products in the system. If it is found that the declared value of the goods is lower than the value displayed by the system, the corresponding goods may be inspected by the customs department.


2. Incorrect HS code

In the face of big data control, there is no loophole to talk about. There is another reason for the inspection of goods, which is that there is an error in the customs HS code of the declared goods. In import and export trade, corresponding customs codes are divided according to different types of goods.

Our suggestion

1. Compliant declaration, without deliberate concealment, underreporting, or omission. The frequent occurrence of thunderstorms and the tracing of past customs clearance records by European and British customs in recent years indicate that compliance declaration is a trend.


2. Self tax customs clearance may be subject to random inspections by customs, but it is only a normal random inspection of customs declaration at each checkpoint. As long as the declaration is truthful, it can ultimately be inspected and released. Compared to the risk of goods being confiscated, the risk of customs clearance and inspection is much lower.


3. Belgian customs focus on inspection and declaration. Recently, customs have conducted spot checks on some products with higher tax rates, such as clothing, bags, and shoes. It is recommended that sellers do not use incorrect customs codes, false sales links, or declared unit prices. The customs code should match the actual material of the goods, and do not deliberately use low tax rate customs codes.


4. For products with a zero tax rate, do not deliberately increase the declaration due to the absence of tariffs, falsify the declaration, and make it reasonable. If the declaration is deliberately inflated, it may also cause customs inspection and may be judged as concealment and fined by customs.



All Pharmaceutical package goods from A-source are door-to-door services, and we are responsible

for all customs clearance and tariff services. Customers only need to provide the correct address to

smoothly obtain the goods. 


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