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Are Americans the only people who like fitness best?

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Are Americans the only people who like fitness best?
Latest company news about Are Americans the only people who like fitness best?

The Situation of Fitness Market In China

The fitness industry in China started very late, because the overall wealth of our country
is different from that of Western countries in Europe and the United States (we can compare the per capita GDP of our country with that of Western countries).


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The Situation of American Fitness Industry

Fitness can only be considered after people's living standards reach the level of prosperity and their needs for survival and belonging are solved. In 2017, I visited the United States for a month, mainly to investigate the fitness market. Let's talk about my experience and personal feelings.


As a rule of thumb, no data will be quoted.

1. Fitness is really popular in the United States, and fitness equipment is very popular in families.The United States has a population of 350 million, but the market size of fitness equipment is far larger than that of China, and the maturity of the fitness industry is far greater than that of China.

Many families in the United States have such family fitness equipment as treadmills, gantry frames and dumbbells.


2. What I saw in the film is the best figure among Americans. Not every American has the figure in the film. Because of the problem of eating habits and food structure, the obesity rate of Americans is very high. Americans with plump soil can be seen everywhere on the street, which is very small and fresh compared with Asians.


3. The fitness methods of Europeans are different from those of Americans, but they are small countries with few people. Without a population base, they cannot develop some influential fitnessbrands. But that's not to say that Europeans don't like fitness more than  Americans.

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Future forecast of fitness industry

As far as I know, fitness has gradually become popular in China, but it is still in its infancy.  In general, small cities and even counties have gradually set up some commercial gyms, enterprises above medium scale will provide a gym for their employees. In a word, the fitness industry has a lot to do with the country's economic development level. It is not that Chinese people do not like fitness, but that the society has not developed to this level.

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Current market situation of A-source Group

Based on the current situation of the global fitness market, a large number of customized box label glass products produced by A-source are exported to Europe and the United States, and have established a good reputation.


Although the global economy has declined due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, people pay more attention to health than usual, which further promotes the prosperity of the fitness industry.


The development of international events, such as the Olympic Games, the World Cup and the Winter Olympics, has inspired people's love for sports and fitness.


A-source Group will adhere to its original intention of development, open up a wider market, develop more new products, and provide new and old customers with the highest quality services and products. Buyers with cooperation intentions are welcome to negotiate orders with us. 


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